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A Panasonic HDC-SD20 gallery



Why the HDC-SD20 specifically?

Sometime in early 2023 I went down a rabbit hole of old camcorders from the 2000s on a second hand website. There was loads to choose from, so I listed from lowest price to see what I could get for a small budget. I'd copy the names of those cameras and paste them into YouTube looking for test footage showing how it looked. And after some searching, I instantly fell in love with the warm and fuzzy, nostalgic, interlaced quality of a Japanese, marvel engineered piece of treasure from 2009. I was fortunate enough to pick one up in mint condition, with all the gubbins and a camera bag for only £45 ($56~). It has been one of my most fondest and proudest purchases, and I cherish it dearly.

Where are the photos taken?

Unless clearly specified, all of my photos that you see are shot in England.

Are you experienced with photography and web design?

Only as a self-taught, part-time hobby for fun. I've made a few modern web designs in the past, but this is my first complete and functioning website; I hope you like it.

What font does this site use?

The font is called VT323. It is open-source and available for free on Google Fonts.

How often do you add new photos?

I can't say for certain otherwise I would be lying. But I try my best to take pictures when going out on walks and road trips. I'll be moving house in late September to a rural town, so there should be plenty of new opportunities.

Why are the gallery images only in 720p?

To optimize the site's storage and bandwidth I decided to downscale all images to 720p. If you wish to view the entire nowadays' gallery in original 1080p quality and support my work please consider visiting the page!

Can I use your photos?

Of course! Feel free to use them however you wish, just please don't sell unmodified versions or republish with malicious intent. Credit/attribution is not required but is appreciated. (I would love to see what you do with them!)

What's up with the Drive (2011) 88x31?

Literally me.